Vent a Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Sep 6th

Kitchen exhaust fan – Venting kitchen exhaust fan should be done to deal with the worst possible scenario. Fans to vent into the kitchen through a charcoal filter only partially help with ventilation. The vent in the ceiling is another partial remedy which can have dangerous consequences. Proper ventilation of the kitchen exhaust fan should vent the air in the atmosphere outside the housing. This can be done through the roof or through an outside wall of the housing.


Vent a kitchen exhaust fan; Use a plumb bob to find the route of the exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe will extend from the fan output through cabinets, ceiling, ceiling and roof. A clear path must be determined prior to drilling a hole in the roof. Drill a hole in the pipe at the top of the cabinets. Expanding tube down through the hole in the roof all the way through the ceiling and attach it to the output of the exhaust fan. This can be accomplished with a piece of tube, the route of the pipe are in a straight line. If the route of the pipe must be adjusted or eliminated to walk around and framing members, it can be installed in sections with angled pipe connections as needed.

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Vent a kitchen exhaust fan, Place the roof pipe flashing according to manufacturer’s instructions. Shingles on the sides and top of the flashing must usually be removed and replaced to allow the flashing to be installed underneath the shingles to prevent leaks. Put insulation around the pipes in the ceiling to prevent air leaks and use wood trim or panels to cover the pipe above cabinets.