Hue Lights in Remarkable Effect

Jul 13th

Hue lights – LED to colors and controlled remotely it has already been developed by others. The interesting thing is that Hue 1) is connected to the web 2) is handled by apps and 3) using the protocol Zigbee is likely that other developers can interact with the system.


Basically hue lights  is a system that consists of lamps  LED  with socket  “Edison” A19  (that we know of life, employed nearly a hundred years ago in the incandescent “bulbs”) that wirelessly connect to a  bridge  (a device the size round tin of mints), which is basically an interface between the  router  (the bridge must be connected wired way by  Ethernet  to the  router ) and the network  mesh  the  bridge  will create (remember that  Zigbee  is a peer to peer network where each device serves both as if it were an ” Access Point ” so in this case, each bulb is spreading the network). You can only have a bridge in a house and it can interface up to 50 lamps.

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The hue lights change to blue or if my favorite team scored a goal, the lighting will yellow or if I have a notification email from my girlfriend lights become red. For now there are about 80 channels of the most diverse nature ( Evernote, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS , etc.), many of which may relate to any action of the Hue system.