Choosing Lighting Disco Lights for a Party

Mar 19th

Disco lights can change the mood of any party, you can have the best music available but without the correct lighting your party could easily turn into an embarrassing episode you’d rather forget. Choosing the right lighting for your party does not need to be difficult, although there are plenty of lights to choose from, any lighting is better than nothing, but you can turn an average party into a great party to make the right choice.


If your party or disco will be in a small room or space it may be that you can use only one type Disco lights, if this happens then choose one single rotating disco ball will do the job. If possible place the item at the center of the room, turn the room lights and draw the curtains or blinds and turn off the lights. Spinning disco lights will illuminate the room with different colors and changing moods.

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For a larger area you can either increase the number of single-spin Disco lights or put on the outer edges of the room, or you can use a dual rotating disco ball, this product is a single unit but instead of having a rotating ball that has two. This creates a different effect with lots of lights shooting around the room. This is probably the most popular types and creates the best effect and can of course also be used in small rooms as well.